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Budgets can be tight and practice resources scarce. We have you covered!

“Before I retired I was a firearms instructor for my agency for 19 years, including seven years full time running our basic firearms program for new Special Agent trainees at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. That experience taught me just how important it is to document firearms training. Now, as a retired law enforcement officer, I don’t have the luxury of having the agency document everything I do. The system offered by HandgunDrills.com has allowed me to accurately document my own firearms training, including my LEOSA qualification every year. This system is invaluable for making sure everything I do with firearms training is properly documented, not just for my own personal development, but for legal purposes in the event that I have to defend myself in court. Convenience, accuracy, flexibility…this system has everything I need as a retired law enforcement officer to make sure what I do on the range counts.”

Carl C. Hasler, Special Agent (retired)

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)


is to offer Officers and Agents a way to expand their drill choices for their practice regimen, and if needed, also kick-start, or expand their training curriculum for the team as well.

Add some new twists to your practice!


how HandgunDrills.com products and website can be incorporated to the existing practice and training toolkits of Law Enforcement officers in local and state police departments, and national/federal agencies such as FBI, CIA, ICE and FAM. 

We recognize that Law Enforcement presents a spectrum of practice and training levels for various purposes including but not limited to non-tactical Officers and tactical Officers (such as SWAT or SRT teams, and many federal agencies).

The training and practice spectrum can run from officers that must qualify once a year with no formal practice requirements, to those that have regular training and practice with additional advanced tactical performance requirements. 

Practice and training time can be hard to come by. Ammo may have to come out of your own pocket. So, your limited time and ammo really need to count. 

We can help!

Since you are trained and know how to practice, HandgunDrills.com can provide you some additional drills to incorporate as you see fit. Add some new drills to work on fundamentals and skill building with a few new twists. And use the book as a recordkeeping system if you don’t have one already.

5 advantages to adding HandgunDrills.com to your practice toolkit.

  • Add a large selection of drills to work on fundamentals using additional combinations of skills and techniques.
  • Use the Drill List or powerful website Store-Library filter to sort for drills with the exact combination of drill attributes you want, such as the number of rounds required.
  • Enjoy the time saving convenience of standardized Drill Cards for personal and open organized practices.
  • If needed, use the book as a complete recordkeeping system for all education, training, and practice activities.
  • Use Drill Cards to track all your drill results and track it for each Loadout.