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“Choose drills to develop and reinforce your skills. There is no way to know what skill, or series of skills chunked together is needed to win the fight. Thus, practice your skills and use drills merely as a training aid, not the end result.”  Dave Spaulding, Handgun Combatives


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Drill Cards

To use the Filter to first find the drills with the combination of attributes you want. Follow these 3 steps.

To use the Filter to first find the drills with the combination of attributes you want. Follow these 3 steps.

There are 10 drill attributes to choose from and several levels within each or a simple Yes/No choice. Multiple levels may be selected at the same time. Make your choices and click Apply Filters below the list.

  1. Choose specific levels or Yes/No for the attributes you want to be included or not included in the drills.
  • Check Yes – Only drills with that attribute will be included.
  • Check No – Only attributes without that attribute will be included.
  • Unchecked – Filter will ignore and not sort for that attribute. (You don’t care if that attribute is there or not.)
  1. Click Apply Filters at the bottom. If there are drills that match the combination of attribute levels you selected, they will be displayed.
  2. To Revise Choices or Start Over – Either check and uncheck boxes to revise OR hit Clear Filters and start checking boxes from scratch.
Learn drills from Drill Cards then track your results at the range.

Learning drills on HandgunDrills.com is always free. To learn drills just click on Learn Drills in the main menu.

When you buy Drill Cards you can learn the drills and track your results. The drill instructions are included, as a reminder, on the back of each card. Drill Cards are uniquely helpful to track you results over time which is critical to improving and knowing what to work on next. Drill Cards are an important part of the HandgunDrills.com continuous Improvement system that includes the Concealed Carry Book of Drills and content on the website.



Searching for something specific?

In the Search Bar below, type the drill number or title or trainer name and if we have it, it will appear.

Choose the attributes you want and click Apply Filters below the list.

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“This program is an extremely comprehensive and yet simple approach to improving your shooting skills. What is measured can be improved and in the process you will go to the range with a plan and have more fun shooting better and faster!” – Jacob Paulsen President, Concealed Carry, Inc.


“When it comes to firearms training as well as range practice, the important balance of accuracy and speed are frequently difficult to achieve and/or maintain. Handgundrills.com is the perfect solution for organizing, documenting, tracking and improving these fundamental skills. The Tactical Intelligence Group, and its Lead Instructors, are very happy to lend this product our enthusiastic endorsement.” -Tactical Intelligence Group, Cleves, Ohio (Now IMPACT range)



“I think anyone that goes to the range should have a purpose in going. This gives you that purpose.” – Glen B.


“It was very convenient for organizing my performance of drills, which in turn makes me focus on my time at the range. Less time standing there thinking about what to do next.” – Shaun F.


“Great curriculum for trainers.” – Jim L., Range General Manager and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


“Everything you need documented to help improve is right there”. – Rob S., Professional Trainer


“By repeating the timed drills it became obvious that I needed to slow down just a little to improve my accuracy, but just a little. And by doing so my grouping improved and I was still able to do it in the allotted times.” – Brian K.


“I love the drill cards.” – Shawn P.


“Best part is encouragement to try various options.” – Paul C.


“Love the variety and structure offered”. – Justin F., Professional Trainer


“I got a lot of insight into a variety of new drills and learned a lot along the way.” – Josh B.


“I love the size, as at most ranges you don’t have a lot of room to use things like this. I think it’s clear, concise and gets to the point.” – Brian B.


“It’s very simple.” – Greg R., Professional Trainer


“The drill cards are great and easy to understand; the binder helped me stay organized.” – Michael B.


“The drills are well thought out and very well presented. I had no questions as to what I was to do or how to carry it out.” – David D.


“Organized, documentable, and repeatable. Much easier for new/intermediate shooters to understand and implement.” – Bo S., NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


“So simple and straightforward. I also really like the build quality of the product. It is very well made and more durable than I expected.” – Ken B.