Got Questions?

We’ve got answers! If your question isn’t covered below, just reach out on our contact form and we can get you the details you need. 

What is your privacy policy?

Please click on the footer to read the Privacy Policy.

What is the return policy?

Send the unused product back in salable condition and you will receive a full refund.

Do I have to buy a Drill Card or does it cost anything to learn a drill?
Absolutely not. We don’t sell drills as they are freely available to learn in the Store-Library. We only sell the Drill Cards if you want to track your results and the drill instructions are on the back for a reference.
Do you sell the small targets?
No sorry. We decided to make the printable PDF available instead so our Customers can print them on demand based on their practice plan.
As a Trainer, how can I use the Drill Cards to help my Students during or after Training?
It’s actually quite easy. Chose Drill Cards that have the drill attributes that you believe are appropriate to work on the skills you are teaching. This applies to a class or one-on-one training. Use them during the training to mix in with other drills you teach and send those Drill Cards as practice homework with the Student. Use them for follow-up and a way to influence their practice and progress. People really appreciate taking something home from training to help them remember the drills they shot to help them practice.
We have a Church Security Team and I am interested in using your products and if there would be a discount available for the team?

Yes we support many Church Safely Teams and offer special discounts for the groups. Please contact us through the Contact page for more details.

I can't fit all of the available Drill Cards in the book. What do I do?
Great question. We recommend looking through the Index Cards and find 30 or so drills based on the drill attributes you want to work on and place them in the book in the Spare Drill section. Move the few you will actually be shooting at the range into the Active Drills section.
Can I get a discount if I buy a lot of product?
Yes there is a standard discount threshold in the store cart that will automatically provide a 15% discount for any cart value of $200 or more.
Do you sell wholesale if I want to sell your products?

Yes we sell wholesale. Please contact us directly and help us understand what you envision so we can provide the best solution and pricing. Generally, wholesale approval may require a MAP Agreement and a minimum purchase threshold per year.

Do you do Affiliate relationships to promote your product from my website?

We have tried it in the past and it simply has not produced so we no longer offer it. We would prefer to promote people that promote us on their website. We have a webpage specifically for trainers that links information buttons to their website.

What are the benefits to providing one of my drills to your website and is there a cost?

There is no cost. If the drill is approved there a several benefits but the greatest is advertising exposure. Your name will appear on the Drill Card and on the website next to the drill title wherever it appears. Exposure for being the drill designer occurs for every Drill Card used and User search of our website.

How do I time my drills at the range to track my results when other people are shooting?
Yes that is a challenge, especially when the range is busy. Until there a good solution, having a partner time with a stopwatch is not too bad.
I have the 120 drill cards, but my current binder only holds 60. Do you have a bigger binder for purchase?

We do not have a bigger or other binder. I know Staples sells some plastic ones that are the correct holes spacing and size. Our binder is meant to be a size to hold many cards 50-60 so you always have a good selection to choose from which is placed in the Spare drills section. Move any you are going to shoot or are shooting to the Active section. Just set the rest aside with a rubber band or any way you choose to keep handy. You can then change what you carry in the book at any time. 

Just wanted to know how this book differs from your first book, would there be a lot of repeats, I have the first book no additional cards.

All 63 drills from Live Fire Drill Cards are the same and the rest are new. So all 63 are interchangeable. The version of the cards have the same instructions and information but there are some slight differences for simplification and ease of reading. The binder is upgraded but has the same 5 sections.

“This program is an extremely comprehensive and yet simple approach to improving your shooting skills. What is measured can be improved and in the process you will go to the range with a plan and have more fun shooting better and faster!” – Jacob Paulsen President, Concealed Carry, Inc.


“When it comes to firearms training as well as range practice, the important balance of accuracy and speed are frequently difficult to achieve and/or maintain. is the perfect solution for organizing, documenting, tracking and improving these fundamental skills. The Tactical Intelligence Group, and its Lead Instructors, are very happy to lend this product our enthusiastic endorsement.” -Tactical Intelligence Group, Cleves, Ohio (Now IMPACT range)



“I think anyone that goes to the range should have a purpose in going. This gives you that purpose.” – Glen B.


“It was very convenient for organizing my performance of drills, which in turn makes me focus on my time at the range. Less time standing there thinking about what to do next.” – Shaun F.


“Great curriculum for trainers.” – Jim L., Range General Manager and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


“Everything you need documented to help improve is right there”. – Rob S., Professional Trainer


“By repeating the timed drills it became obvious that I needed to slow down just a little to improve my accuracy, but just a little. And by doing so my grouping improved and I was still able to do it in the allotted times.” – Brian K.


“I love the drill cards.” – Shawn P.


“Best part is encouragement to try various options.” – Paul C.


“Love the variety and structure offered”. – Justin F., Professional Trainer


“I got a lot of insight into a variety of new drills and learned a lot along the way.” – Josh B.


“I love the size, as at most ranges you don’t have a lot of room to use things like this. I think it’s clear, concise and gets to the point.” – Brian B.


“It’s very simple.” – Greg R., Professional Trainer


“The drill cards are great and easy to understand; the binder helped me stay organized.” – Michael B.


“The drills are well thought out and very well presented. I had no questions as to what I was to do or how to carry it out.” – David D.


“Organized, documentable, and repeatable. Much easier for new/intermediate shooters to understand and implement.” – Bo S., NRA Certified Firearms Instructor


“So simple and straightforward. I also really like the build quality of the product. It is very well made and more durable than I expected.” – Ken B.