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The Concealed Carry Practice System and Drill Cards for Students and Trainers

In this day and age…

Time is scarce. Ammo is expensive. And practice takes both.

The Concealed Carry Book of Drills has a large collection of popular drills to select from to save you both time and ammo. The drill cards are formatted to help you select the drills with the skills you want to practice now. Learn drills quickly with our standard format, track your results, and get the most out of your ammo. And the soft, half size leatherette binder easily fits into most range bags so its always there at the ready.

“Before I retired I was a firearms instructor for my agency for 19 years, including seven years full time running our basic firearms program for new Special Agent trainees at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. That experience taught me just how important it is to document firearms training. Now, as a retired law enforcement officer, I don’t have the luxury of having the agency document everything I do. The system offered by has allowed me to accurately document my own firearms training, including my LEOSA qualification every year. This system is invaluable for making sure everything I do with firearms training is properly documented, not just for my own personal development, but for legal purposes in the event that I have to defend myself in court. Convenience, accuracy, flexibility…this system has everything I need as a retired law enforcement officer to make sure what I do on the range counts.”

Carl C. Hasler, Special Agent (retired)

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) featured

in the Firearm Trainer’s Podcast

TOPIC: Integrating Handgun Drills into Classes

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“And every course tells them at the end to “Practice, Train.” But the question is “How?” However, few options exist to structure their practice. Your system provides such a framework for all these situations. Your system allows documentation of the range time both statistically with the Drill Cards and subjectively with the Training Log where they can sum up the experience in their own words.”

J. Frank Mayer

Professional Firearms Trainer

“I like throwing lead down range as much as anybody. But while this is fun and can serve as a needed release at times, the primary purpose of live-fire range time is to work on improving our gun handling/shooting skills.

To do this requires a plan with structure and purpose. That’s where your cards come in. I can plan out my entire range session which helps optimize every minute spent at the firing line. I can ensure that I’m working on a variety of skills rather than merely falling back on those that I’m better at and thus require less emphasis.

The cards allow me to track my progress to whatever level of detail I desire to provide feedback and direct me to drills that continue to hone skills where work is most needed. An added bonus is I can use many of these drills in my dry-fire practice at home as well using my laser trainer and other methods.

I have invested thousands of dollars over the years on firearms, shooting accessories, range memberships, and ammo. The Live Fire Drill Cards are by far the best investment I’ve made that help me best utilize of all of those resources. Most important of all, using this system is helping to make me a better shooter.”

James D.