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Make money or save money with our business accounts.
Buy wholesale and sell retail, get a group discount, create affiliate referral income or create and sell your Practice Packs directly on our website.

Open an Online Business Account

Live Fire Drill Cards provides business accounts for retail sales organizations and group purchases.

Takes 5 minutes. Simply set-up a standard account on our website and request a business account.  See details below.


For Resale Operations – Make $ Selling LFDC


  • There is a minimum cart value of $200 per order for the discount to be applied.
  • Actual shipping cost is added to the order.
  • For website sales, please send us a completed and signed LFDC MAP Agreement.

Note: For Ohio businesses, please send us a completed Ohio Sales and Use Tax Unit Exemption Certificate for resale activity.


For Group Purchases – Save $ Buying LFDC



  • There is a minimum cart value of $200 per order for the discount to be applied.
  • Actual shipping cost is added to the order.
  • For non-profits, please submit tax exemption information.
  • One account will be available to the Team Leader.

Earn Income on your Business Account as an LFDC Affiliate

Earn 20% on all retail sales directed from your website.

Put your website to work with LFDC. It’s simple and we will help.

  • LFDC will support you to set-up the affiliate links and will provide images and URL links as needed.
  • LFDC will drop ship orders directly to your customers.
  • LFDC pays commission quarterly to your PayPal business account email.
  • You can see all affiliate activity in the Affiliate Area such as sales, earnings and payouts.

And we promote you and your business.

  • Your business logo and website link are listed on our website on the LFDC Business Network page.
  • If you have an Affiliate program as well, LFDC may select certain products to offer on our Affiliate Products page.

Please contact us to set-up an affiliate account.


You have a passion for what you do – we share that passion!

See the opportunities and products we have designed especially for you and your students, to help your students and build your business.

Trial Packs

Don’t let your students go home empty-handed. Stay connected and impact their practice experience like never before. 

Trial Packs allow you to give your students drills you have selected for them to practice when they leave, so they can work on what they learned in training for about $2 each. Trial Packs include 3 drill cards, a loadout card, 2 log cards, and an introduction card, introducing them to your homework assignment using our practice system. Trial Packs can be customized for each type of class you teach. Add your own business card and promotional materials to the envelopes. Using your personal Trainer Code, each student will receive a discount and free shipping on their first order and you receive a credit to your LFDC account.

Please contact us to learn more about a free Trial Pack sample and to set-up a wholesale account.


Simple & Affordable

For about $2, Trial Packs come packaged to order as a sample of the LFDC system with drills you choose for your students to try out. If they try it and like it, they buy the Training Log and keep on going. It’s that simple.



The end of training doesn’t have to mean the end of training. LFDC helps students stay focussed at the range to practice what they learn in training to get measurable results.


Stay Connected

When your students call with excitement in their voice about their progress or when you just call them to check-in and say “Hi”, with Trial Packs there is always something to talk about.  Either way you stay connected.

Share Your Favorite Drills

There are many benefits to sharing your favorite drills as drill cards, especially drills you designed.

Share your drills in a tangible way and we can promote you and your business.

  • Published drill cards advertise you and your business to thousands of people as they visit our website and use the cards at ranges.
  • We also advertise you, your business and website on our Trainers We Like (A Lot) page.
  • Drill video links are posted on our Resources/Drill Videos page promoting you and your YouTube channel, if available.
  • Our Social Media advertising frequently promotes specific drill cards and the designers.
  • We send you 100 free drill cards of each published drill for your use. ($50 retail value)
  • Your drills can be included in your own custom Practice Packs you design and sell in the LFDC store.

Note: LFDC is currently providing USCCA drill cards featured in Concealed Carry Magazine Drill of the Month.

And there is no cost to you for any of these benefits!

Please contact us to share your drill with us.

Create Practice Packs For Your Students

Extend your training classes into your students’ world of practice.

For each of your training classes, create custom Practice Packs from drill cards in our store-library and sell them directly, in our store or both.

  • Your drills and can be included in your custom Practice Packs you design and sell in the LFDC store.
  • Create a Practice Pack from our store-library for every type of class you teach or just your favorite drills.
  • You decide how Practice Packs will be made available. In the LFDC on-line store, in your store or at the end of class.
  • You receive a commission on ALL sales of your Practice Packs.
  • Practice Packs can be easily changed to sync with changes and improvements in your training class curriculum.
  • Some minimum requirements apply.

And there is no cost to you for any of these benefits!

Please contact us to learn more about Practice Packs and to set-up a wholesale account.


We love what you do, from providing training, equipment, protection, comradery, and more.

For Ranges

With Live Fire Drill Cards, your members and customers will…

Practice with a purpose. Practice like they train. And never leave your range again wondering if they’ve improved.

We offer this observation of range experiences from some of our mutual customers for your consideration.

“When I go to the range I have a place to practice, I can find new guns to try, accessories to add, ammo, better holsters, targets to shoot, clothing, and everything else you can think of to help me practice except one thing. Drills. No drills not even for the targets. I shoot, leave and have no idea if I any better than when I came.”

We are uniquely positioned to partner with you to help you add one more tool, drill cards, and integrate practice drills into your customers’ experience to differentiate your range from all of the others.

The list of benefits of incorporating Live Fire Drill Cards practice tools into your business and your customers’ toolkit is limited only by creativity.

Here are a few examples:

  • Using drill cards, customers have a purpose for their practice.
  • Customers measure their shooting results and they improve, so they join the range or visit more often.
  • Trainers can extend their relationships to their students’ practice regimen with “homework” customized for them with the exact drills they need.
  • Generate additional income with a wholesale account and sell our products in your store and on your website.
  • Create shooting events based on drill cards and increase member participation for paid activities.

Improve your customers’ practice experience and differentiate your range from all others.

Please contact us to learn more and have a wholesale account set up for your range.

For Clubs, Teams & Groups

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your to make practice even more effective but still fun. For many of your member’s, practice is also serious because becoming a better shooter or staying sharp is very important to them.

LFDC can cover all of these bases. With our practice system and large selection of drill cards, you spend your time practicing not researching. And you know you’re improving when you record your results. Use LFDC to improve your practice, so there’s still time for that friendly competition and having fun.

The benefits of using LFDC Practice Tools in your club. 

The list of benefits of incorporating Live Fire Drill Cards practice tools into your organization is limited only by creativity.

Here are a few examples:

  • Using drill cards to put purpose in your practice and practice like you train.
  • Members can save money through group purchases with a Discount Account.
  • Create shooting events based on drill cards and increase member participation for free or paid activities.
  • Use the Training Log as a record of practice time and performance results.

Practice tools like the Training Log and selection of cards are completely configurable to your goals.

Please contact us to learn more and have a discount account set up for your organization.


First of all, thank you.

We would be honored to help you stay sharp, or even improve. We know what’s at stake.

As a law enforcement professional, regular training and practice are critical and already an integral part of your life.

Because you are extremely busy and already know exactly what you need to do, we can partner with you to create these advantages using the LFDC system.

  • Provide the entire department with a single structured practice system.
  • Improve your practice effectiveness, use of time and ammunition.
  • Keep track of your practices and shooting results for practice like you do for training.
  • Stay sharp by practicing a wide variety of drills to work on the skills you are targeting to improve.

We offer training logs, drill cards and targets at affordable prices that can easily fit into the department budget.

Please contact us to learn more and have a discount account set up for your department.