*5 Pack- Second Edition Concealed Carry Book of Drills (with the first 120 Drill Cards)


5 Concealed Carry Book of Drills for $399.00.


A perfect way to start quickly with a huge selection of Drill Cards to give you the widest selection of drills and the most combinations of drill attributes to match the skills you want to practice.

Includes all 30 drills in the First Edition book as well as the next 90 additional for a total of 120 drill cards.

Includes many drills to work on fundamentals as well as more challenging skills with increasing difficulty. Select drills that have the specific combination of attributes you need to improve the skills you are working on now.

Use Drill Cards to learn new drills and record your shooting results. Use Loadout Cards to define how you carry and practice. Use Log Cards to create a record of all concealed carry activities you invest in.

Use the book to “Practice with a purpose, what you learn in training, from the level you’re at, with the time and ammo you have.”

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Team and Trainer Discount

Buy 5 books for your group and SAVE!! Normally $109.00 retail each – just $79.80 each when you buy 5 for resale or for a team.


Especially for small Shooting Groups, Trainers, Security Teams, Law Enforcement and other organized groups that teach and practice handgun shooting.

Practice workbook with 120 Drill Cards, Log Cards and Loadout Cards.

Note: New Drill Cards are always being added so check the Cards Store-Library for new drills.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 15 in


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