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Range Compatible

Outdoor Only


20 Yards

Rounds Required

7 Rounds

Shot Accuracy Ratings

2.5 All Shots

Multiple Targets

Multiple Grips


Movement/ Cover


Reload/ Malfunction


Shot Sequencing



Drill Set-Up at Start with Target(s)

Use (4) PT-008 small format targets. 8″ dot offers free downloads of the Small Format (8.5″ x 11″)  target images for printing at home. Large Format targets are available in the Store.

Stages for a drill to train concealed carry skills at the range

Drill Instructions by Stage

ACCURACY is a standardized difficulty rating to describe the accuracy required to make any shot. The rating is calculated as the “distance in yards” divided by the “diameter in inches of the target zone”. Example: A 7″ target from 7 yards is a 1.0 rating and is used by many as an accuracy level for concealed carry competency drill tests. So for example, a 15″ target zone at 15 yards and a 5″ target zone at 5 yards also have an accuracy rating of 1.0. The higher the accuracy rating the harder the shot and the lower the rating the easier the shot. With this system you can easily estimate the accuracy required for any shot. (Note: All non-circular target zones are normalized to their equivalent circular target with a diameter of the same area.)

Scoring the Drill

A MISS is a shot out of the scoring zone. Touching the edge is a HIT. A shot out of sequence is a drill failure.

Drill Performance Standard

Drill standard is 7 hits. Record split times only if standard is met.

Shooting the Drill

This is a Stationary split time Test at a single accuracy rating of 2.5. (an 8″ Dot at 20 Yards). Also shoot D-100.

Notes provides these static and dynamic drills to help benchmark split times for several shot types (checked), at specific distances with standard accuracy ratings. 

Keep track of split times by shot type. See your trainer for proper technique and to set split time goals. Compare split time improvement over time.

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